Kilix-Lake Spirit IKE


Kilix-Lake Spirit IKE
Project Number – MIS 5104571
Priority axis 1 - A Competitive and Innovative Cross-Border Area
Investment priorities 3d - Supporting the capacity of SMEs to grow in regional, national and international markets, and to engage in innovation processes
Intervention fields 064. Research and innovation processes in SMEs (including voucher schemes, process, design, service and social innovation)
Lead Beneficiary KILIX
Beneficiaries Lake Spirit IKE
Start Date Dec 29, 2020
End Date Dec 28, 2023
Budget 370.909,80 €
ERDF Contribution 204.927,66 €
National Contribution 36.163,71 €
Investing in wine may seem a bit sophisticated, but it's something virtually an investor can do if they have the right knowledge and an amount of funds to invest.
Ownership of each winery is a private limited liability corporation formed or to be formed under the laws of Bulgaria and Greece /Greek partner is a newly established IKE/ and fully authorized to carry on a winery business in the two countries. Corporate financing will be a combination of own resources and Programme funds. The information presented here excludes the cost of land. These capital costs were excluded due to the requirements of the Call. The Greek winery has not yet any productive activity. By implementing the investment, the Greek beneficiary will buy the necessary equipment and start production. The aim is not only to set a production wine line but also to produce red table wine with common branding along with the Bulgarian partner. So the aim is establishing a new production line and also produce a common label wine with the Bulgarian partner. In addition, both wineries share similar vintage management principles. Both wineries subject the volume of each red variety to barrel fermentation and aging.

The investment plan envisages: Building investment - Construction of new buildings, including all installations (e.g. electrical/mechanical/electronic installations), Development of space for show-rooms, Access, parking and landscaping development, Construction works or installations facilitating access by disabled individuals, Real estate transactions; Equipment - New machinery and equipment expenses including the expenses for the transport and on-site installation of machinery/equipment; Software and user licenses including installation and customization and personnel training; Patents, royalties, and exclusive production provision rights; Development and commercialization of new products; implementation and monitoring of the investment plan; Insurance expenses; Participation (as exhibitor) in sectoral fairs/exhibitions/business fora in the country of company registration; Participation (as exhibitor) in sectoral fairs/exhibitions/business fora outside the country of company registration; Participation in fair/exhibition/ business forum; Development and printing of informational/promotional material; Advertisement; Development of company webpage; Joint GR-BG promotion tours.


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