Best water Use


Priority axis Sustainability-Climate adaptability
Investment priorities 6f
Call 2nd Call for proposals under priority axes 2 & 4
Lead Beneficiary Development Agency of Eastern Thessaloniki’s local authorities, “Anatoliki” S.A.
Partners Association Eco Nevrokop
Economic Development Agency Bansko
Economic Development Agency HIGH WEST RODOPI
Serres Development Agency - S.A.
Budget 693.632,50 €
The continuing deterioration of the environment, contributed to the realization that no measures of environmental protection and no legislation cannot contribute to the improvement and protection, nor sufficient to achieve sustainability, if not configured citizens with the appropriate responsible environmental behavior, through which they will proceed to actions in order to protect and preserve the environment. What is needed and the technical treatment of the problem is a new culture for water, another treatment that cannot exist except through consultations on local communities and when all realize the magnitude of the problem and seek common acceptable ways to solve it.

The aim of the proposed project is to record, collect and promote those information and data in political, scientific, technological and communication level, that will help local stakeholders of the participating areas through residents to optimize their possibilities for action in order to achieve rational and sustainable management urban water, focusing on the need for further information-dissemination-education-awareness of citizens, students and stakeholders, both in saving level of available water resources and to upgrade its quality, and more generally in sustainable management level.

The basic design objectives focused on forming an overall educational policy of the local government, which will have three recipients aiming to:
• The preparation of officials in the management of water resources
• The environmental shaping "literate" people who are beyond the knowledge they will acquire skills and attitudes that will enable them to participate in environmental actions
• The development of educational processes through which will promote the comprehensive, systemic and interdisciplinary approach to environmental issues, particularly optimum water management. Developing among students and teachers,  personal collective sense of responsibility for environmental protection and ensuring sustainable living conditions.

These objectives will be achieved by implementing the following actions: Development of a partnership network aiming to exchange experiences in policy and communication management of urban water, a pilot action launching a label "best water use” and the organization of the relevant ceremony award, development of a comprehensive environmental program in schools and kindergartens which will include information and awareness actions of pupils, recording / survey of household and farmers relationship with water and the development of the relevant rational water management guides, creation of awareness and information campaign, management and dissemination actions. The results of the project will be used by the direct beneficiaries of the project, i.e local schools (children and teachers), local stakeholders, farmers / businesses and residents.

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