Priority axis Social inclusion
Investment priorities 9a
Call 2nd Call for proposals under priority axes 2 & 4
Lead Beneficiary Municipality of Dimitrovgrad
Partners Eastern Macedonia and Thrace Institute of Technology, Department of Nursing
Paranesti Municipality Legal Entity of Social Solidarity, Pre-school and Education
Budget € 1.163.516,92
The overall objective of the project is to invest in health infrastructure which contributes to regional and local development, reducing inequalities in terms of health status. The purpose of the Project is to improve the effectiveness of the primary health care system and indirectly manage to provide better health coverage to deprived communities shifting from the institutional to community-based services. As such it concentrates on actions that promote the quality and efficiency of primary care services.

The main output is the development of Joint eHealth Data Base of the citizens of the two partnering areas as well as the establishment of a Practice for Telemedical Services and a Trans border team of specialsits (3 from each side) through the Pilots. There is a number of longer term outputs that relate to the regulation and growth of telemedical services like:
- The benefits to people’s health; Associated cost savings for the partners as well as Environmental benefits through lower energy consumption.
- Outputs that need to be defined for the residents of the two partnering areas: Access to specialized health care services to remote areas; Access to expertise of Medical Specialists to a larger population without physical referral; Reduced visits to specialty hospitals for long term follow-up care for the aged and terminally ill patients.
- Outputs defined for the Physicians from the two partnering areas: Improved diagnosis and better treatment management; Access to computerized, comprehensive data of patients; Quick and timely follow-up of patients discharged after palliative care; Continuing education or training through video conferencing periodically.

The project will also develop a sustainable Community-based primary health care network that will help to progressively shift from the institutional to community-based services in order to decongest hospitals service volumes and increase overall health care capacity and responsiveness. The network will cover the cross-border area of Drama, Evros and Haskovo. 

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