Handicrafts and social economy: A driver for socially inclusive growth in the CB region


Project Number – MIS 5018949
Priority axis 4 - A Socially Inclusive Cross-Border Area
Investment priorities 9c - Providing support for social enterprises
Intervention fields 113. Promoting social entrepreneurship and vocational integration in social enterprises and the social and solidarity economy in order to facilitate access to employment
Call 2nd Call for proposals under priority axes 2 & 4
Lead Beneficiary International Initiatives for Cooperation
Beneficiaries National Confederation of Disabled People of Greece
Prefectural Association of People with disabilities of Kavala’ s Prefecture
Association Regional Center for vocational education training to CCI
Association “Business Center-Maritza”
Start Date Oct 31, 2017
End Date Apr 30, 2020
Budget 551.232,50 €
ERDF Contribution 468.547,63 €
National Contribution 82.684,88 €
Website https://socialcraft.eu/
The project includes the establishment of a support mechanism based on IT to allow the artisans of handicrafts to develop themselves into a sustainable network. Targets of the project are the employment of disadvantaged people, trainings to artisans, disadvantaged people, local authorities, sponsors, and other stakeholders, workshops, the development of a joint guide for new work integration SE, the creation of a network of two CB Employment Support Centers for inclusion in traditional handicrafts, delivering (in house) services to traditional artisans and disadvantaged persons and a fully accessible ePromotion platform for handicrafts.

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