Integrated Tourism Approach For the Development of Cultural and Natural Sites in Chepelare, Bg and Prosotsani, Gr


Priority axis Sustainability-Climate adaptability
Investment priorities 6c
Call 2nd Call for proposals under priority axes 2 & 4
Lead Beneficiary Municipality of Chepelare
Partners Municipality of Prosotsani
Budget 1,213,416.11 €
Both partners in this project Chepelare Municipality and Prosotsani are areas with great potential for tourism development. The leadership of the two Municipalities partners are convinced that tourism can boost the preservation and transmission of cultural and historical traditions, which often contributes to the conservation and sustainable management of natural resources, the protection of local heritage, and a renaissance of indigenous cultures.

The area of the two municipalities is predominantly rural, mountainous and remote, and exhibits a low urbanization level. The relevance of the project for the Programme area is in regards with the intention for improvement in the preservations status and increase in carrying capacity of cultural and natural sites which will be addressed.

The overall project's objective is: To preserve and enhance local culture, monuments and natural and man-made tourist resources and promote forms of tourism that provide healthy interaction opportunities for tourists and locals and increase better understanding of different cultures, customs, lifestyles, traditional knowledge and believes. "INTEGRA_TOUR" aim is to increase considerably the number of the annual tourist visits in the partners’ areas. The expected outputs are:
- Support the two partners’ strategic plans, to promote sustainable economic growth and to promote a sustainable environment;
- Help LP&PB2 to tailor their tourism policies to the latest challenges, to take a comprehensive approach encompassing the national & local dimensions;
- Promote CB co-operation between local authorities and other stakeholders on issues related to tourism;
- Contribute to cross border tourism development by supporting identifying obstacles to CB tourism development in the area and beyond;
- Contribute to a better measurement of the importance of tourism services and of their contribution to growth through the development of reliable data and analysis for business and policy decision making; 
- Contribute to strengthen performance through reviews of tourism potential.

Coordination mechanism is provisioned including combined efforts aimed exclusively at tourism, publicity events to raise awareness about opportunities offered through the programme, etc. Tourism has the potential to promote social development through employment creation, income redistribution and poverty alleviation. The Project will add value to the tourist attraction of the cross border area resulting from cross-border cooperation.

The planned investments on both sides of the border strongly affect the specific benefits expected from the cooperation, connected with the raising of the attractiveness of the area. The two partners plan also to achieve institutional added value which entails: active involvement of citizens and authorities on both sides of the border; guaranteed knowledge about the neighbours; long-term cross-border cooperation planned by structures that show to be capable of working efficiently.

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