Certified Environmental Actors


Priority axis Sustainability-Climate adaptability
Investment priorities 6d
Call 2nd Call for proposals under priority axes 2 & 4
Lead Beneficiary Hunting Federation of Macedonia & Thrace
Partners Association "EURORADAR"
Association of Hunters and fishermen "Sokol"
Association of Hunters in K. Nevrokopi "ARTEMIS"
Municipality of Kato Nevrokopi
Budget 712,905.39 €
In the cross border area, there is a large number of NATURA 2000 protected areas and unique ecosystems with rare biodiversity richness. Over the last years, there is significant hunting activity in the cross border region with negative consequences like poaching, killing rare protected species, disturbance of ecosystem, nuisance, lead poisoning etc threaten the biodiversity and ecosystem conservation. The lack of appropriate hunting education and the absence of a certification framework for hunters contributes on increasing poaching activity, which downgrades the biodiversity levels. Furthermore, Bulgaria has a compulsory certification process, which is in basic form and concern only hunters while Greece doesn't have any educational process.

Taking into account the above situation, the Hunting Federation of Macedonia-Thrace came in touch with the other partners in order to negotiate a common strategy, objectives and project's details. Hunting Federation of Macedonia-Thrace (LB), Association of Hunters in K. Nevrokopi "ARTEMIS" (PB2) and Association of Hunters and Fishermen "Sokol" (PB5) are related with hunters and hunting activity. Municipality of K. Nevrokopi (PB3) will contribute to the activation of local society and utilize municipality network. Moreover, Association "EURORADAR" (PB4) will utilize its environmental network to contribute on achieving multiplying effects. All partners have decided that they need to act soon in order to improve hunter's involvement in biodiversity protection and activate all target groups to become environmental actors.

The main objective of the project is to protect and conserve biodiversity and ecosystem by training, motivating and sensitizing environmental actors. This will be achieved through the establishment of a sustainable framework and strategy, which allows the active participation of environmental actors in environment and biodiversity protection. The idea is to certify, educate and develop skills (wildlife identification, survival skills, etc) to environmental actors (hunters, rescuers, general public etc) though certification thematic courses combining theoretical and practical training with available infrastructure. Theoretical training and assessment will take place in Educational and Certification Centers (ECCs) in K. Nevrokopi and Gotse Deltsev and outdoor practical training in a common CB “Environmental Actors Training Field” center (EATF) in K. Nevrokopi. Publicity events and conferences, website, promotion campaigns and material will help to raise public awareness and inform general public about project's objectives.

Moreover, a policy proposal study with the project's results will be presented to all relevant stakeholders and regional, national and EU policy makers to adopt them in national legislation. In the long terms the project is focusing on creating individual well-trained and certified actors who can contribute on environmental and biodiversity protection. 

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