Acronym Title Lead Beneficiary Website
ACCESS FOR ALL Integrated approach for social inclusion in BG – GR region by supporting employability and by developing social entrepreneurship Municipality of Krumovgrad
Access2Heritage Pathways of accessible heritage tourism Management Body of Rodopi Mountain-Range National Park
ACT SOCIAL ACTions for the SuppOrt and enhancement of SocIAl entrepreneurship at Local level Municipality of Thermi
Action Plan for Social Entrepreneurship Cross border Action Plan for the Development and Operation of an Executive Mechanism for the Support and Promotion of Social Entrepreneurship in the context of the Social Economy and Social Innovation Region of Central Macedonia
AGRI-ABILITY Social agri-entrepreneurship for people with disabilities in the crossborder area Association for People with Mobility Problems and Friends in the Prefecture of Rhodope "PERPATO"
Aqua-lity Application of innovative techniques for improving drinking water quality in urban areas Municipality of Oraiokastro
ARA-CC The Аncient Rhodopes and Aegean-Cultural Corridor for supporting the development of the region MUNICIPALITY OF KARDZHALI
BatsConserve Sustainable bats conservation in the cross border area South-West University "Neofit Rilski", Faculty of Economics
BestU Best water Use Development Agency of Eastern Thessaloniki’s local authorities, “Anatoliki” S.A.
BIO2CARE Reinforcing protected areas capacity through an innovative methodology for sustainability Democritus University of Thrace, Department of Production and Management Engineering
BORDERLESS CULTURE Integrating Bulgaria-Greece cross-border significance historical and archeological assets into one sustainable thematic tourist destination Hellenic Ministry of Culture and Sports / General Directirate of Antiquities and Cultural Heritage
CB Water Geopark Creation of a cross-border Water Assets Geopark in Nestos Area Municipality of Drama
CEA Certified Environmental Actors Hunting Federation of Macedonia & Thrace
CHIC Crossing the paths of History and Culture Municipality of Komotini
CROSSBO Aiming at Improving Cross - Border Accessibility EGNATIA ODOS SA
Destinations for all Initiative for improving the capacity and accessibility of tourism destinations in the cross border area Municipality of Garmen
DIONYSOS Developing Identity ON Yield, SOil and Site Agricultural University of Athens, Department of Food Science & Human Nutrition
e-SOHECA e-Social Health Care Municipality of Nestos
E/HEALTH Receive Emergency/Daily needed HEALTHcare through innovations in the cross border area Center for emergency care Kardzhali
eHealth Μonitoring Improving Healthcare Access through a Personal Health Monitoring System Centre of Caring and Solidarity of Komotini Municipality
eOUTLAND Protecting biodiversity at NATURA 2000 sites and other protected areas from natural hazards through a certified framework for cross-border education, training and support of civil protection volunteers based on innovation and new technologies Network for the operational Support and Education of the volunteers' Associations in the field of Civil Protection against natural disasters - NSEA
equal2health Reducing access inequalities in primary healthcare for socially significant diseases at CB Area’s deprived communities General hospital of Thessaloniki “G. Papanikolaou” - PHT Organic Unit Psychiatric Hospital of Thessaloniki
eTOURIST Promotion and development of natural and cultural heritage of Bulgarian – Greek cross-border region through smart and digital tools Regional Municipalities Association MARITZA
FIRE DETECTION High Technology for protection of Biodiversity through early fire detection in high significance protected forest areas Municipality of Soufli
FLOOD PROTECTION Cross Border Planning and Infrastructure Measures for Flood Protection Region of Central Macedonia
GREEN CREW “Green” employment in the management of biowastes Municipality of Serres
GREEN PUMP Groundwater REsource managemENt for non-Potable water pUrposes, baseMent protection, and heating - Pilot application Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Department of Physics
GROWING SOCIAL Enhancement of social entrepreneurship through the establishment of support structures in the CB area Municipality of Pilea-Hortiatis
Health Care Centre Improving quality and accessibility of social health care services in cross-border regions Regional health inspection-Blagoevgrad
HS-Care Provision of Health care and Social services to vulnerable communities in the BG-GR CB area Municipality of Strumyani
I-SEE Interregional Social Enterprise Empowerment Region of Eastern Macedonia and Thrace
INTEGRA_TOUR Integrated Tourism Approach For the Development of Cultural and Natural Sites in Chepelare, Bg and Prosotsani, Gr Municipality of Chepelare
INTERSYC II Integrated Territorial Synergies for Children Health and Protection II The Smile of the Child
LYSIS Joint actions for the development and implementation of new technologies for the optimal management of water resources in the urban environment Municipality of Drama
Med4All Improving access and quality of health services in inaccessible and remote settlements of the border region of Gotse Delchev Municipality and Municipality of Paggaio Municipality of Gotse Delchev
MediciNet II Promoting health on successful grounds: Enhancing hospitals' cooperation on emergencies General Hospital of Komotini "Sismanogleio"
PROMO - YMC(H)A Promotion and Development of YMC(H)A-Youth Mobilization-Cultural Heritage and Athletic Valorization Young Men’s Christian Association (YMCA)– Thessaloniki
RemoteCARE Remote Healthcare Service Provision Municipality of Oraiokastro
SMART_MED SMART MEDICINE Municipality of Dimitrovgrad
SMiLe Strenghtening primary Medical care in IsoLated and deprived cross-border arEas 4th Health District of Macedonia-Thrace
SOCIAL CRAFTS Handicrafts and social economy: A driver for socially inclusive growth in the CB region International Initiatives for Cooperation
SOCIAL FORCES ReinFORCE SOCIAL Entrepreneurial Spirit through setting up Innovative Support Structures in the cross-border Territory Regional Development Agency of Rodopi S.A.
SOCIAL PLATE Supporting Social Enterprises in combating poverty and social exclusion Central Market of Thessaloniki
SoSEDEE Support of Social Enterprises and Enhancement of Employment Municipality of Gotse Delchev
The Healthy Municipality Policies for Enhancing Access to Health Services in Deprived Areas Regional Development Agency of Rodopi S.A.
VineSOS SOS for endangered traditional vine varieties Executive Agency on Vine and Wine
WATER RESCUE Water resources efficiency and conservative use in drinking water supply systems MUNICIPAL WATER SUPPLY AND SEWERAGE COMPANY OF KOMOTINI
WILD LIFE FOR EVER Enhancing biodiversity through sustainable management and protection of rare species habitat in Nestos and Ardas rivers and the Rodopi Mountain Range Region of Eastern Macedonia and Thrace
WRESTLE Joint Water REsources management System for Long-term Efficiency Municipal Enterprise for Water and Sewage of Alexandroupoli

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