Project Bu4Inno: Interactive workshop “Entrepreneurship and Digital Marketing”

Dec 16, 2022

Interactive workshop
“Entrepreneurship and Digital Marketing”, Bu4Inno project
Business Incubator - Gotse Delchev successfully organised the interactive workshop "Entrepreneurship and Digital Marketing" on 14 December 2022, in Gotse Delchev. Young people up to 29 years old from Blagoevgrad, Smolyan, Haskovo and Kardzhali regions participated in the workshop whose aim was:
- the development and enhancement of entrepreneurial skills and knowledge of digital marketing for food, agriculture a nd new technologies of young people;
- the stimulation of young people to use digital marketing to build successful business development strategies;
- the inspiration for generating innovative ideas in the field of food, agriculture and new technologies.

The participants -young people from the BG side of the cross-border region acquired new knowledge and skills about digital marketing and the benefits for entrepreneurs under the innovative "learning by doing" and "experience learning" methodology, applying design thinking and actively involving all participants for practical skills in entrepreneurship and digital marketing, group work, discussions, team presentations of the results, feedback and upgrading.

The participants worked in 5 teams and generated business ideas, assessed them together with the trainers and each team selected their best idea and presented it.  Inspired by the successful Bulgarian business practice the young participants learnt which are the most productive tools of digital marketing to their potential clients and they had the task to use the knowledge into practice and make their own digital marketing promotion of their business idea.

The workshop helped them discover paths for development, growth, gaining new knowledge and experience, and new opportunities in different fields. The young people were highly satisfied of the knowledge and skill obtained, the methodology and the creative environment and were motivated to continue their work.

The workshop was part of the activities of the project „Βusiness of Κnowledge and Ιnnovation in the primary and related secondary sector”, co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) and national funds of the countries participating in the Interreg V-A “Greece - Bulgaria 2014-2020” Cooperation Programme.

The overall Bu4Inno objective is to develop an improved entrepreneurial support system for agricultural SMEs in the cross-border area which is primarily devoted to the agricultural sector with a great variety of goods being produced whilst a large portion of the populace is either wholly or partially involved in their production.

Bu4Inno is an innovative project bringing together incubators, research, farmers and enterprises from the agricultural sector, thus aiming to achieve the strengthening of the entrepreneurial mentality of farmers and create new businesses and small agro-enterprises in the region to produce and sell products with high added value, developed with innovative means, using knowledge from academia and close cooperation with SMEs in the cross-border region.

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