1st Call for Proposals for all Priority Axes
CALL TITLE 1st Call for Proposals for all Priority Axes  
FROM 9/4/09
  UNTIL 10/30/09
Areas of Intervention:   X
1.1 1.1 Protection, Management & Promotion of the Environmental Resources X
1.2 1.2 Protection, Management & Promotion of the Cultural Resources X
2.1 1.3 Cooperation and Networking in Health and Social Welfare Issues X
2.2 2.1 Development of the road & railway network X
3.1 2.2 Improvement of Cross Border Facilities X
3.2 3.1 Support and Valorisation of Human Resources – Support of Preparatory Actions in view of the Open Labour Market X
3.3 3.2 Encouragement of Entrepreneurship & Actions that Cope with the Restructuring of the Economy X
4.1 3.3 Promotion of Cooperation between research, technological and academic institutions and business organizations X
4.2 4.1 Core Programme Management Activities  
4.2 Project Generation and Information & Communication Activities  
All Areas of Intervention  
Eligible Beneficiaries:  - National, Regional or Local Public Authorities
- Bodies governed by public law
- Private organizations: non profit organizations founded according to private law can be eligible under the following conditions,

a. they do not have a commercial or industrial character or activities

b. they do not distribute profits to the stakeholders

c. they operate for at least one year before the launch of the specific call for proposals

It should be noted that private companies, not falling under the above categories b and c. are not eligible.
Project proposals must include Partners from both countries participating in the Operational Programme and cooperating in at least two of the following ways: joint development, joint implementation, joint staffing and joint financing. The total number of Partners must not exceed ten (10) including the Lead Partner.


The total budget available for the present call is 60.000.000,00 euros (of which 51.000.000,00 euros ERDF).
Project Proposals submitted should have a budget from 200.000,00 euros to 2.000.000,00 euros.


Extension of submission Period:

1. Call for Proposals
2. Application Form
3. Project Selection Criteria
4. Programame Manual
5. Partnership Declaration
6. Subsidy Contract
7. Progress Report
8. Declaration of not generating revenues
9. Partnership Agreement
10. Call Summary
11. Subsidy Contract
Priority axis
Area of intervention
Lead partner
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