"Europe in my Region" Campaign

DG REGIO has launched on Friday 29th April, 2016 a campaign called "Europe in my Region" (#euinmyregion). It has started from 29 April and will last until the 11th of June, 2016 in 23 EU countries involving over 1200 events with thousands of citizens expected to attend. It aims at encouraging citizens to discover and learn more about EU-funded projects all around Europe.

"Europe in My Region" is organised around four different initiatives: the Open EU Project Days, a treasure hunt, a photo competition and a blogging campaign. All these activities aim to encourage citizens to visit EU-funded projects while sharing images and experiences via social media.

Please find below all relevant information on the campaign condensed in few bullets points:

1) Open EU Project Days

•        23 countries, 1200+ events, see the map

•        From 29 April to 11 June

2) Treasure hunt

•        18 countries, 50 hints disseminated throughout Europe

•        Treasure hunt page > http://ec.europa.eu/regional_policy/treasurehunt/ The full content is online from 28th of April and all language versions (explaining the concept of the treasure hunt)

•        Visual of the treasure hunt attached

•        From 29 April to 11 June

3) Photo Competition

•        5th Edition, will be run on the European Commission's Facebook page, we target good amateur photographers in order to get high quality photos

•        2 May to 28 August

4) Bloggers

•        Bloggers wanted in the countries participating in the Open EU Project Days to post about the local projects in May and June

•        Prize: 3 bloggers will be invited to participate to the media programme of the European Week of Regions and Cities

•        From 29 April to 30 June

More information: Europe in My Regio at http://ec.europa.eu/regional_policy/en/policy/communication/inform-network/map/

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