COMMONAR / Common paths in Natura and Ramsar areas of Strymon river area

Project title: Common paths in Natura and Ramsar areas of Strymon river area
Priority axis: 1. Quality of Life
Area of Intervention: 1.1 Protection, Management & Promotion of the Environmental Resources
Lead Partner: Municipality of Strumyani
Partner 2: Municipality of Iraklia
Partner 3: Municipality of Nea Zichni
Partner 4: Municipality of Kresna
Partner 5: Municipality of Simitli
Budget: 1,162,591.25 €
Description: The project aims mainly to enhance the environmental conscience and awareness of local people and visitors and contribute to the improvement of their environmental behaviour. This will be achieved by publicity and information actions that will target citizens not activated mainly in the sector of environment, but also by encouragement of undertaking of activities from citizens. Special focus will be given on students education in a friendly to the environment behaviour, through the specific knowledge of the area and its distinctive natural environment. The activation of the teachers through relevant information actions is crucial for maximizing students environmental awareness. The attraction of visitors from both countries, through a large publicity campaign focusing in the distinctive local environment and the information about the endangered species and ecosystems of the area is crucial for the economic development of the area to a sustainable direction.
Project details:
Call No: B1
Protocol No: 7961
Signature date of the Subsidy Contract: 30/3/11
Subsidy Code: B1.11.15
Downloads: Project Fiche 7961
Priority axis
Area of intervention
Lead partner
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